Your Definitive Guide to Buying a Van Policy

In a crowded insurance market, finding the right policy can be tricky. With so many different policies, it can be difficult to find the one that is right for you. It is particularly hard to find cheap van insurance. Policies in the market include temporary van policies, policies for courier vans, policies for young drivers, policies for convicted drivers and policies for business vans. Get a quote now.

Temporary Insurance Policies for Vans

These insurance policies are used if you are moving to a new house, moving cargo for relatively long distances, or even when making infrequent long visits or journeys. A temporary insurance policy saves money by eliminating the need to take up an insurance policy for a year for activities undertaken once in a blue moon. The temporary cover for vans can be used for a single day, a week or a month for personal or business needs. Under this policy, time is allocated when the policy will be in use. It ceases to operate when this time elapses.

Policies for Courier Vans

These insurance policies cover vans used for courier services. Sometimes, it also covers goods being transported. However, to be on the safe side, there may be a need to add other insurance policies like liability cover for employers. It is prudent to review a variety of insurance covers before a decision is made on the one to use. You may find that a combination of other insurance covers may be cheaper than going for a courier insurance cover and work just as effectively.

Policies for Young Drivers

According to studies conducted on accidents, young drivers are involved in accidents more than older drivers. Insurance providers have, therefore, set aside an insurance policy specifically for young drivers. Older drivers can, therefore, access cheaper insurance policies than their younger counterparts. Anyone under 25 may find it a little harder to get cheap policies.

Policies for Convicted Drivers

These insurance policies are specially designed for drivers who have been convicted of motoring or traffic offences. It is advisable to go for an insurance company that has a special insurance for convicted drivers because it is typically cheaper than obtaining the standard insurance cover that drivers with no traffic offence convictions would go for. 

Business Van Insurance

Anyone in business must seriously consider the need to have an insurance policy for their company vans. It is risky to transport a business’ products or equipment without an active cover for the firm’s vehicles. All vehicles in a company should be under this policy to protect the finances of the business when damage or an accident takes place. When looking for the right insurance company for this type of insurance, consider using a company that can give them a policy tailored to their specific needs. Some of the things usually considered when making such a policy are the drivers of the vehicles, the mileage covered, and the parking locations.

With all these different van insurance deals, there should be no rush in deciding the policy to use. Consider all their options before obtaining a quote for any of these policies. The insurance company will consider a number of factors when coming up with the quote, including the size of the van and its value. A commercial van must be under an active insurance policy to be allowed to operate in the United Kingdom.

We are here to talk through your best options and find the right policy for you. Let us find your a great deal on your Van Insurance. Get a quote today or call us on 0345 017 9792.

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