Why Business Owners Should Opt for Fleet Van Insurance

A growing business will often need more than one commercial van in order keep operations running smoothly. While a small business will likely have started off with just one van, over time that business may have added additional vans in order to keep up with new demands. However, many business owners take out separate insurance policies each time a new van is purchased and, as such, businesses with multiple vans often have multiple commercial van insurance policies. Keeping track of all these policies is not only difficult and time consuming, but it is also likely to be very expensive. An alternative to this arrangement is to opt for fleet van insurance. Fleet van insurance offers convenience and a more cost-effective option for businesses with a large fleet of commercial vans. This article will look at the advantages of fleet van insurance and at how business owners can compare the policies currently on the market.
Why fleet van insurance?
Fleet van insurance offers two big advantages. The first advantage is that by combining all of a business’ vans into one insurance policy then business owners will no longer have to keep track of different policies. This extra convenience means that owners will only have to deal with one renewal date and they won’t have to worry about different levels of cover for different vehicles. As such, having one policy for a fleet of vans is much less of a hassle than trying to manage multiple policies. This point is especially true for owners that currently have different van insurance policies with different providers.
The second main advantage to fleet van insurance is that such a policy is often much cheaper than having separate cover for each vehicle. Many providers offer very competitive premiums to businesses that choose to insure an entire fleet, particularly when one or more of those vehicles have previously been insured by a different provider. As such, owners will likely find that business expenses can be kept low by opting for fleet van cover.
In addition to convenience and cost, fleet van insurance offers some extra benefits, as well. By insuring an entire fleet then the business’ drivers will be able to operate any of the vans in that fleet. Therefore, business can run much more smoothly since drivers will not need to rely on a particular van being available at any one time.
Finding the best fleet van insurance
As with regular commercial van insurance, fleet van insurance cover ranges from basic third party policies, which only cover costs sustained by a third party, to comprehensive cover, which typically offers the greatest amount of protection. While third party insurance is the cheapest, comprehensive cover deals can often be found which are only marginally more expensive than third party options. Since comprehensive cover will help a business avoid many large repair bills, it should be considered a necessity for any business that is highly reliant on its vans. However, not all comprehensive cover is created equal and owners need to carefully research what benefits a specific policy is offering. Some policies will impose certain restrictions on claims, such as a minimum driver age (usually 19 or 21) or a maximum weight that a van can carry. Other policies may not pay out on a claim if the van is hauling a trailer or is being driven in another country. Also, as with any car insurance policy, fleet van insurance offers various extras that may be worth the additional cost for some businesses. Windscreen protection and breakdown cover, for example, are becoming increasingly common with many providers. Other policies may offer legal expenses cover, courtesy vehicles, and emergency assistance. While these extras can be highly beneficial, some owners may want to take them out of a policy in order to get a cheaper rate.
A growing business will often require a fleet of vans in order to stay profitable. While many business owners will be tempted to simply take out individual policies each time they buy a new commercial van, a better option is fleet van insurance. With fleet van insurance business owners will enjoy greater convenience and lower overall costs. By shopping around for the best policy, fleet van insurance can also offer the best in terms of cover and extra benefits.

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