The Dangers of Being a Van Driver

Owners of vans in the United Kingdom must be insured so as to use the roads. For this reason, a large, competitive van insurance industry has sprung up to provide covers for these ever- working present highway horses. Although the competition is stiff, it does not necessarily make the van insurance covers cheap. So before van owners and retailers cough up thousands for next year’s cover, they should consider some factors that would help them slash off some of the costs that are associated with their van insurance. Finding the right price isn’t only about getting cheap quotes, but it should also involve getting that insurance that will best suit their van.

Many businesses and people usually depend on their vans running on a daily basis; therefore, they should make it their responsibility to ensure that they acquire the right type of insurance that could help their businesses to recover from theft, fraudsters and accidents. A recent article reports that white van drivers have been getting bad publicity by the British media who have continuously been trying to paint them as aggressive and reckless pantomime villains with no regard for other road users. This is, however, contrary to the reality that has been showing that van drivers are among the country’s most experienced motorists, a fact that is reflected in their insurance premiums. This could also be the reason they are now being targeted by insurance fraudsters.

A current report has revealed that van drivers carrying all sorts of cargo have been involved in a third of all deliberate collisions that have occurred in the previous year. They have fallen victims of scammers and fraudsters whose primary agenda is to extort money from them. The scam normally involves the scammers deliberately slamming onto their brakes so as to cause an ‘accident’ with the innocent vehicle behind which is usually a van. The scam can come in all sorts of clever disguises, and sophisticated criminal gangs are usually behind these operations. The scams have been estimated to cost the insurance industry more than 400 pounds each year and have also accounted for one in every seven personal injury claims. This has made the van insurance industry to increase the cost of its premiums for the covers it provides.
The scammers have been targeting van drivers and staging crashes for two main reasons. The first is that van drivers are working on a tight deadline and, therefore, are less likely to argue about future liabilities. The second reason is that vans are required to be insured, and, therefore, hey are more chances that the vans will be insured. It is, therefore, necessary for van owners and businesses to take caution and ensure that they have considered such risks before getting a cover for their vans and that is where company’s like City Insurance come into play.

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