Report Finds White Van Drivers are Secret Heroes of the Road!

According to research carried out in a recent survey, white van drivers have been revealed as ‘selfless’, ‘responsible’ and in possession of a ‘strong moral code’. The survey found that more than half of male and female van drivers regularly use their vans to help others, and that 9 out of ten would stop to help another motorist in need.

Of all the van drivers questioned, 78% of them said that they would be happy to pull over in order to help someone who had been injured, and 75% said that they would stop to help someone who had been knocked over. A further 72% said that they would stop to help in a crash or accident situation. Also, 66 % admitted that they would pull over to help a vulnerable looking individual, 65% would stop and help a victim of attack, and 44% would stop to assist a driver in a broken down vehicle.

Half as Likely to be Involved in an Accident
Sadly, there has been an ongoing stereotype of white van drivers being selfish, aggressive characters who are prone to road rage and poor driving. But it seems that this outdated idea has been proven firmly incorrect in the results of this latest survey. And it doesn’t stop there – according to recent government data, white van men are nearly half as likely to be involved in a road traffic accident as normal car drivers. Statistics published for road casualties in 2012 show that only one in 261 vans was involved in a collision on British roads, compare with one in 146 cars.

The Rising Popularity of Vans
Vans are becoming more and more popular on UK roads, with uptake recorded at 2.5 times higher than for cars. In fact, one in ten vehicles on UK roads is now a van or LCV. Simon Williams, a spokesman from the RAC told the Telegraph newspaper: “While ‘white van man’ has been used as a generic term for van drivers for years it now seems to have become very much associated with bad driving too. Research clearly paints us as a nation of ‘vanophobes’ which seems harsh when you look at the accident statistics.”

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