Thefts and Burglaries on the rise

Despite the current lockdown, there has recently been a marked increase in burglaries and thefts. This includes vehicle break-ins, as well as home and outbuilding intrusions. With a 20% reduction in house burglaries during 2020, there had been fears that there could be a domestic burglary resurgence incoming this year. Unfortunately it seems this has come earlier than predicted.

With lockdown restrictions gradually easing over the coming months, it is likely more people will return to work, plan long overdue holidays and take more trips away from the home. Effectively this will present a green light to burglars looking to make up their losses. Moreover, many families have spent extra money on expensive technology, gadgets and bikes, to ease lockdown boredom; only adding to burglar motivation.

Police Warning

Police are advising homeowners to be extra vigilant. So remember to remove any valuables from your vehicles and keep them out of sight. Keep all sheds and garages locked and try and secure more expensive items to an anchor point within the building.

We also recommend investing in technology such as smart doorbells, WiFi-equipped alarm systems, or connected lights, all useful deterrents. New research shows that more than half of homes in the UK now own at least 1 smart home tech device.

Look out for our next blog which will review the latest and best smart security devices.

Check your documents

Each policy will be different and it is worth double checking your policy to check what restrictions are in place and you have all the cover you need.

Pay close attention to any exclusions for outbuildings or sheds. In addition, bikes have been one of the main targets for thieves, so if you have a bike make then ensure it is sufficiently covered. It is a good idea to have photos of your bike on record, to help you in the worst case scenario.

Is your home fully protected?

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We continuously review our best deals and can quote for buildings and contents cover or buildings/contents separately.

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Burglar peering into home

Burglar peering into home