The Best Types of Smart Home Security Device

Burglaries and thefts on the increase

As we gradually ease out of lockdown, burglaries and thefts are on the increase. And as we reported previously, worryingly this trend looks set to continue. 

New research shows that more than half of homes in the UK now own at least 1 smart home tech device. If you don’t yet own a Smart security device, now could be a good time to consider it. Or perhaps you are thinking of adding additional devices to add to your home. Whether you are considering a connected camera, Smart doorbell, or something else, below we review the best options. 

Connected Cameras

Connected cameras give you instant notifications and alerts on your mobile when motion is detected. These cameras can be set up either inside or outside the home and the footage will be saved on the device itself or in the cloud. With most cameras you will also be able to live stream anything that is going on at home. Depending on the technology, you will be able to communicate through the camera or set off a remote alarm. 

Nest and Amazon lead the way in the connected camera space. These systems are smart enough to remember faces they have seen before, so you don’t need to be alerted to family or friends each time they enter your house. Other features include automatic zoom if which tracks moving objects and advanced infrared clarity for the dark. The ability to communicate through the device is beneficial if you have deliveries and need to communicate with a delivery driver. Another benefit is the ability to keep an eye on your pets! 

It is worth noting that you can have different cameras set up in different positions which will all conveniently report to the same app. These different cameras can easily be turned on or off in a click of a button. 

Overall, connected cameras should definitely act as a useful deterrent. The additional benefits listed above make them a wise investment. 

Smart Doorbells 

Similar to connected cameras, Smart Doorbells are an excellent visual deterrent. These doorbells have a camera built in so you can always see who is at the door, again through an app on your phone. 

As well as seeing who is at the door, most doorbells will allow you to speak to visitors through the device. In turn you can answer the door from anywhere and never reveal you are away from home. Similar to smart connected cameras, the video camera will capture the image or video for you to view later. These video cameras, although tiny, also offer night-vision, so you will know who comes by your house at any time. 

Essentially a Smart Doorbell acts as another camera, providing even more surveillance coverage.

Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs allow you to turn lights or appliances on and off using your smart phone, or program things to turn on and off at a set time. So if you were out or on holiday, using a smart plug with a lamp is a quick way to make it seem as though someone is still at home. 

Smart plugs have other advantages. Convenience is one, for example, you can set your kettle to boil at a certain time remotely. Safety is another, for example, you could use a Smart Plug with an iron and never have to worry about it being left on. 

A Smart Home Hub wirelessly connects and communicates with all of the other gadgets that make up your smart home kit. However, this system will usually only work if all of your gadgets and components are the same brand.  

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