Coronavirus: MOT Announcement – Impact on your vehicle

Do I still require an MOT test?

Vehicle owners in Britain will be granted a six-month exemption from MOT testing. The Department for Transport has announced in a statement: “All cars, vans and motorcycles which usually would require an MOT test will be exempted from needing a test from 30 March.”

Garages remain open for servicing and repair as an essential service.

As part of that, they can choose to continue conducting MOT tests for retests or on vehicles for which the MOT expired on or before 30 March. On the other hand, car showrooms, which only sell vehicles, must be closed. If a car showroom also carries out maintenance, then only part of the business is allowed to stay open.

The MOT exemption measures have been introduced to allow people to carry on with essential travel. Legally, if you need to use your vehicle before the new regulation comes into place on March 30th then the vehicle is still required to be tested. However, the Department for Transport has been in close communication with the police, to ensure people are not unfairly penalised for things out of their control in this period of isolation. Nevertheless, cars are still expected to be kept in roadworthy condition.

Note that you will not receive any form of paper exemption certificate. The date from which your MOT was set to expire will be automatically advanced by 6 months. To see when you have been issued an exemption you can check the Government website. It is not certain this will be updated straight away so you are advised to keep checking.

If it is your vehicles first MoT then the vehicle will automatically receive a 6 month relief from the date its first MOT was due.

What is my vehicle tax runs out whilst self-isolating?

You will be able to tax you vehicle online as soon as your MOT due date has been updated.

Have driving tests been cancelled?

Practical driving tests and annual testing for lorries, buses and coaches have been suspended for up to 3 months.

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MOT Testing

MOT Testing