How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance For Young Drivers!

As a young driver looking to insure a car, you will find yourself being quoted high-premiums. This is simply due to a combination of age, inexperience and a lack of no-claims bonuses to use to your advantage. 

However, with an increase in young drivers feeling like they are being driven off the road, leading to a sharp drop in the number of new young drivers, it’s important to recognise that not all is lost and there are options for you to find a cheaper way of insuring your car. Whilst many insurance providers will simply look at this combination of facts and determine a higher premium, based on history showing that there is a greater likelihood of you being involved in an accident, at City Insurance we know that no two drivers are the same – we want to help you as a young driver to find a premium that suits you.

Research, Research, Research

You’ll come across this a lot, but it really is true. Undertaking research, which doesn’t need to be overly complicated – but simply looking into different insurance providers will help to give you a better understanding of the level of insurance you require, alongside how much you are looking at your premium being, this will include things like whether you want Third Party, Fire & Theft, Fully Comprehensive or just Third Part. 

We deal with over forty insurers, which means we can do the hard work for you; we’ll compare rates looking for the best insurance deal for you. This will include looking at special schemes and insurers who specialise in insurance for young-drivers.

Another thing to keep in mind is the kind of car that you already have, or you are looking to purchase. Typically, a vehicle that has a smaller engine and is generally smaller in size will be cheaper to insure.

Remember: you are free to run various quotes through our website which may help you determine the best kind of car that you should buy in future.

Earning No-Claims

Whether you’re a young-driver who has just passed their test, you’re starting to learn in your own car or you are looking to get insured on a family owned vehicle, earning no claims or taking advantage of no claims is one of the best ways you can start to look at bringing down your premium.

It may be possible to arrange cover in a parent’s name, which would provide the benefit of the higher no claims bonus which has already been earnt. This would mean having the vehicle registered to the policyholder, and also declaring that the son/daughter would be the main driver, to make sure that your policy is correctly insured from a legal point of view.


The DSA (Driving Standards Agency) have set up a training programme that you may wish to take that provides insurers with evidence that as a new driver you are committed to being safe on the road.

Pass Plus is aimed at new young drivers, assisting them with different advanced driving skills once you have passed your test, this includes town driving and driving through different weather conditions. There are six lessons, that lead to completion of the course and as well as being a more competent driver, having this additional qualification will allow for a larger discount off your car insurance premium as a young driver.

Are you a young-driver looking for ways to bring down your car insurance premium? Speak to one of our experts at City Insurance and we can help.