Getting Cheaper Car Insurance Quotes

Costings and Predictions

The actual cost of car insurance in 2015 was supposed to have increased by as much as 15%, an increase of almost 9.2% from the previous year. Essentially, if you want a cheap insurance quote, you are best locking in a cheap price now to save you from the paying more in the near future.Thus, one can assume that premiums are increasing as the amount of road users goes up. Insurance companies are charging first-time drivers and over 30s more as criterion constantly shifts. Premiums are based on the level of individual risk you pose, with some companies this may be your job, how much road experience you have or what car you drive – it all depends.

The Basics

On a simple level, car insurance covers you if your car it taking without consent or is involved in a traffic accident. Furthermore, it protects other road users if you are unfortunate enough to inflict damage on their vehicle or their property.

Essentially, the price of your insurance (or premium) is based on how much risk insurers perceive you to possess. If you have just passed your test, are driving after a ban or have been involved in more than one accident, your premium will be higher than that of those who have a spotless record or have more driving experience.

Thus, if you can prove you can stay accident-free and you are sorting your motor vehicle safely, the cost of premium will be extremely low.

Car Insurance- The Key Points

(1)Don’t expect that third party will necessarily be the cheapest option. Many insurers assess you as a lower risk if you click on the ‘fully comprehensive’ option because of certain criterion applied. Car insurance is not logical, but sometimes little tricks can reduce your premium massively.

Adding responsible drivers to your insurance policy can also be a way to save money on a premium. This is a brilliant strategy for young drivers, as if they add an older, seasoned driver, the insurer may perceive that the risk offered is lessened. In addition to this, experienced drivers who add other experienced drivers to their policy (whether they be male or female) can also see a reduce in their premium.

(2) Changing your job description can also bring an insurance premium down. Sometimes insurers attach higher premiums to job descriptions because the level of perceived risk is significantly higher. Slight alterations may save you hundreds of pounds.

(3) Paying a premium off as one annual payment is essential. In recent years car insurance companies have tied higher APR rates if you pay your car insurance monthly, some as high as 40%.

Compare quotes today and see how much you can save on your next policy. Get quotes now.