Cut Car Insurance Premiums by Buying in Advance

The latest car insurance advice suggests that amending the date on which you request your car insurance to become ‘active’ could reduce your premium by hundreds of pounds. According to research from Which? Money, a significant amount of money could be saved by changing your start date even by just a single day. They collected car insurance quotations for a Ford Focus driver living in London from 15 major providers, and found that in one case, a one day deferral of cover cut the cost by a massive 49%.

Cheaper Car Insurance Premiums for Buying in Advance
Buying your car insurance in advance can also help to save you money on your premium. According to insurers, those who buy their car insurance in advance pose less of a risk statistically, and this therefore results in cheaper car insurance premiums. There has been some speculation by leading insurers that the period of time between the quote date and the start date of the policy can be a potential risk factor, and can therefore affect the premium that is offered to the customer.

Save Moving the Start Date of Your Car Insurance
Which? Money also collected quotations from variety of leading UK insurance providers for car insurance cover that was active from the 30th January, the day that the quote was taken. They then went back and changed the start date of the insurance by a day to see if there was any difference on the annual price quoted. Although there were plenty of insurers whose quotes remained the same regardless of the date, Which? did find that there were a few where it made a really big difference.

Moving the date forward by just one day reduced the quote by £121 in one case, £115 with another provider, and £95 with another leader car insurance provider. With one particular leading car insurance provider, a one day deferral of cover to January 31st cut a huge £780 off the initial price, a saving of 49%. Postponing the cover to February 1st knocked another £99 off the quote, therefore reducing it by £879, all in the space of just two days.

Car Insurance Quote Comparison Service
So, when you are on the lookout for cheaper car insurance quotes, consider the above advice regarding the start date of your policy, and bear in mind that buying in advance could save you a significant amount of money depending on which insurance provider you decide to go with. With City Insurance, you can get a great car insurance quote online in just a few minutes. Our system allows you to compare quotes from over 40 insurers and car insurance schemes, so that you can get the best deal. We also have a range of off-line deals too, so once you have got your online car insurance quote from us, it is recommended that you call us to see if it can be improved even further. Get a cheaper car insurance quote today.