Covid-19 Motor Update

The pandemic and resulting restrictions are likely to have impacted your driving habits. However the requirement for insurance remains and our advisors remain on hand to help you. Answers to some of your most common questions are featured below. 

Do I need to notify my insurer of changes to my driving habits?

ABI (Association of British Insurer) pledges made at the beginning of the pandemic have been extended until the end of the year. Therefore, if you you are now working from home then it is not necessary to notify your insurer and you cover will remain unchanged. 

Likewise if you have volunteered to help during the pandemic, you will not need to notify your insurer to update your documents. The advice is relevant if you are using your own vehicle for voluntary reasons – such as delivering medical supplies or groceries. 

As soon as the ABI update the policies for the new year we will let you know here first. 

If you are renewing your policy, factor in that your estimated annual milage could have decreased. This could result in a cheaper premium. 

Can I declare my car as SCORN (off the road)?

Only consider this if you definitely don’t intend to use your car  at all. You cannot drive your car or keep it parked on a public road whilst this is in place.  

How is my car Tax and MOT affected?

Tax rules remain unaffected if you continue to use you car on public roads during lockdown. 

Concerning your MOT, this is currently also unaffected. There has been no further MOT extension announced, whilst MOT garages have been classed as essential business and will remain open. 

What if I am struggling to make my car finance payments? 

When you took out your car on finance, it is unlikely you would have factored in a global pandemic! Thankfully, the Financial Contact Authority (FCA) is making more support available for struggling motorists. 

The FCA has also made clear to finance providers that any alterations being made to agreements are being carefully monitored. Essentially they have been warned not to make any “unfair” changes to the customers detriment. For example, reducing the optional final payment, which could consequently increase monthly payments. 

If drivers wish to keep their car at the end of the contract but are now unable to afford it, providers are expected to reach an appropriate solution. One such solution could be a temporary extension of the contract.

What if I am struggling to make my insurance payments?

If you are struggling to make your insurance payments as a direct result of the pandemic then please contact us. We are here to help and support you through this tough time. 

Electric cars by 2030

In a further significant motoring development, the Boris Johnson has accelerated the shift towards green vehicles. The Government has announced that new cars and vans wholly powered by petrol and diesel will not be sold in the UK from 2030.

The announcement has proved controversial, with many motorists not ready to make the switch. Moreover, critics suggest the £4bn allocated for the plan is not sufficient.

Look out for a more detailed analysis in our next blog.

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Cars on roads

Cars on roads