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Classic / Vintage Car Insurance Cover

Not all mainstream Insurers will provide insurance cover for classic or vintage cars. However, at City Insurance we have teamed up with some of our leading Insurer Partners to drive down the cost of insuring your pride and joy. We have a range of carefully selected policies available to bring you the top quality cover you require, but at the best possible price.

The majority of the classic cars we insure are over 20 years old, however some other cars over 12 years old could also fit into this category.

Classic Car Breakdown Cover

Your classic car is possibly less reliable than an everyday modern car, so we have different levels of breakdown cover available to you. You will have the different options presented when you get your no-obligation insurance quotation. 

Classic Car insurance Risk

When it comes to working out car insurance, premium calculation is largely based on risk. For example, if your classic or vintage car is more desirable it could be a bigger target for thieves, therefore increasing risk. Likewise, if the worst happened and your car was involved in an accident, then parts and repairs would likely be more expensive. One reason for this would be because the necessary parts could be more difficult to source. 

On the other hand, there are certain factors that could mitigate the risk. And at City Insurance, we take these factors into account and explore all of the possible avenues for lowering your premium. For example, you could do less milage in your classic car, or it could be kept for long periods in a locked garage. Both of these examples would result in a decreased risk and better value premium.

Ultimately there are many factors which can impact your premium. The challenge is to find a comprehensive policy that will ensure your prized car is completely protected – but at the best price. That’s where we can help! 

Tips To Reduce My Classic Car Quote

Add an Immobiliser or Tracker – Your classic car is unlikely to have the same advanced advanced security features now standard in modern cars. Adding an immobiliser or tracker is therefore a good idea to help drive down your classic car quote. 

Reduce Mileage – Simply by driving fewer miles you are lowering the risk potential for your insurer and your premium will reduce accordingly. 

Increase Voluntary Excess – The higher excess you agree to pay, the lower your premium should become. On the other hand you will need to be prepared to pay more money in the event of a claim.

Secure Vehicle Parking Access – If you keep your classic car in a secure or locked garage, this again reduces the risk potential and can result in lowering your premium.

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Classic Car

Classic Car