Cheaper Business Insurance

Under British Law any business needs to be covered by some type of business insurance. While, this type of insurance can offer protection to both businesses and individuals. To protect employees as a result of injury or illness, employers’ liability insurance is an example of what a business must have under law.

Professional Liability Insurance
Also known as professional indemnity insurance, professional liability insurance (PLI) is important for any business, because of how it covers negligence or inadvertent damage. Human error is also covered.

PLI doesn’t only cover damage done to a business either, as damage done to a person’s reputation can also be covered. This can include libel and slander – and an instance of information being misused that proves to be damaging to an individual’s reputation.

Intellectual property rights that have been infringed upon by mistake is another example of what PLI covers. The company that is responsible for the infringement will be covered, if any financial loss is suffered by the company affected by the infringement.

Public Liability Insurance
Public liability insurance designed to cover businesses that host social/public events, such as pubs, cinemas, theatres and sports stadiums. But, from a chemical factory to a small business, public liability insurance should be seriously considered. If a person is physically harmed on business premises due to company negligence then, without public liability insurance, that business could be hit very hard financially.

Commercial Combined Insurance
Commercial combined insurance is a wide-ranging type of business cover, though it is still encompassed by the one policy. It is a type of insurance that is more aimed at small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and it can be arranged to cover risks that are particular to the business taking out the policy. Income is covered, too, if lost due to being unable to trade.

With this form of insurance a business can also be helped by the fact that regulatory requirements are inclusive, which is important regarding trade associations. In addition, employers will often need to be covered in a specific way, too, and this type of insurance can do this also.

What is covered by this business insurance includes employers’, public and product liability. The latter acts as cover if a person is either injured, or their property is damaged by one of your products. Legal expenses are covered, too. Even engineering inspections are covered. Because this is an all-in-one policy it makes your insurance needs easier to manage, as opposed to having several different policies.

Why Businesses Need To Be Covered
Insurance is something that can be sometimes neglected, especially if a business is experiencing tough times, financially. However, the consequences for not being fully covered can just exacerbate those financial problems. As is typical of insurance generally, being covered will offer peace of mind, too.