Affordable Professional Liability Insurance

When it comes to finding affordable professional Liability insurance, it’s vital to use an insurance company who is fair and accommodating to your needs, and is able to quote you a good price with the right public or employer liability insurance; for your specific business.
Many business owners will ask the question whether they actually need employers’ liability insurance, but generally if you have one or more employees, then it’s sensible to have one. If you fail to have the right policy in place for your employees, then it can be costly to you; with fines of up to £2,500 for each day without insurance – this is why you need to find an insurer who is knowledgeable and able to identify the correct and cheapest professional liability insurance.

Here at City Insurance Group, we provide a variety of public and employers Liability insurances. Our Liability insurances are suitable for individuals or firms of up to 10 people, and we’re confident we can offer very low quotes and quality cover. We offer Tradesman & Contractors Liability, Manual Workers, Cleaners, Beauticians, Professionals and Teachers & Tutors Liability.

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