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Provisional Licence Car Insurance (Provisional & Learner Drivers)

Drivers holding a Provisional licence can get cheaper car insurance online from our quote system or over the telephone from our service centre. We have put together various special schemes for Learner drivers with a provisional licence to get cheaper car insurance.

As you may have already found Provisional licence holders can sometimes find it difficult to find car insurance that is affordable. Quite often most insurers will not even offer a quotation as they wil not accept a driver with "Learner drivers" with a provisional licence.

Due to a learner drivers lack of experience, insurance companies will regard a provisional licence driver as "high risk" and more likely to have an accident. Combined, typically with a young drivers age and inexperience pricing has been historically high and quite often, when a driving test is passed premiums can rocket again.

Despite lessons and driving supervison any short term driving experience gained leading to the expectation that premiums will drop when a test is passed may not be the case. Many insurers will increase premiums for a Provisional licence holder who has passed their test, as a higher or similar risk is still presented. At City Insurance we do have schemes that will not increase premiums when a test is passed.

There are ways to help get cheaper car insurance, have a look at our top tips for young drivers for help and advice in getting premiums down.

At City Insurance we will find you our best premium that (subject to status) can be paid monthly, get a quote from our website and if you like the price cover can be bought immediately. Alternatively call us on 0800 0121014 so we can look at your circumstance and suggest ways to find a better car insurance deal.

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